1. The competition is open to all composers. There are no age and nationality restrictions; however, applicants should be at least at the early stages of their professional careers.

  2. Composer may submit only one (1) symphony orchestra composition, single or multi-movement, for consideration. Musical arrangements of existing materials are not allowed.

  3. Duration of the work is between 10 to 15 minutes.

  4. Instrumentation cannot exceed the following orchestra configuration:

    • 3 Flutes (3rd also Piccolo); 2 Oboes (2nd also English Horn)

    • 2 Bb Clarinets (2nd also Bass Clarinet); 2 Bassoons

    • 4 Horns; 3 Trumpets; 2 Trombones, 1 Bass Trombones; Tuba

    • 4 Percussions ( 4 Timpanis, Bass and Snare drums, Tom-toms, Tam-tam, Cymbals,Xylophone, Glockenspiel, and other available small handheld percussion instruments

    • Piano [For sub-urban set-up, electric or digital piano will be used.]

    • Violin 1 (12); Violin 2 (10); Viola (8); Violoncello (6); Contrabass (4)

    • Traditional instruments / musicians / performers may be added if, after the Immersion Program, the need is realized.

  5. The quality of the composition-entry submitted is the foremost basis of evaluation. It is in the best interest of the composer that the submitted score is clear and accurate, and the ideal representation of his/her work.

  6. The composition entry shall never be submitted to any other competition, music institution and performance organization for the duration of the 2018 BANAUE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPOSITION COMPETITION. If selected as one of the winners, the work shall never be submitted in any competition of the same nature.