EDUARDO SOUTULLO has participated in music competitions internationally such as the Lutoslawsky Award in Warsaw in 2007 (Honorable Mention), International Prokofiev Competition in St. Petersburg in 2008 (Finalist), International Composition Competition ITALY 150 (Third prize), International Composition Competition Auditorio Nacional Fundación BBVA (Third prize), XXVI Queen Sofia Prize in Madrid in 2009 (Finalist). Just recently, he won the First Prize at New Note - Croatia 2018 for the 43rd Samobor Music Festival on September 2018.

His works have been performed by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre Nacional de Lorraine (France), St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, Collegium Musicum Hong Kong, Orquestra Nacional de España and Orquestra Sinfónica de Radio Television Española (RTVE).



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Lightning Storms on the Terraces


Most of my life I was dedicated to my role as a musicologist, but in recent years I have begun to develop my career as composer.


"Lightning Storms on the Terraces" describes the beauty of the Banaue Rice Terraces landscape lighted by a storm at sunset.

When Pablo Picasso was asked to speak of any of his works, he used to answer “If I explain to you what this picture means, you will be able to understand the explanation, but not the picture”. So, I find it more interesting to speak of what is not in my work. In "Lightning storms on the Terraces" nothing comes from the application of non-musical models, but from the sound-models: the timbrical process and sound research.

The score of "Lightning Storms on the Terraces" establishes all this melodic material as modal scales. As the ethnomusicology demonstrates, the use of modal scales (generating both melody and harmony) has been an element present in all musical cultures, from Asian traditional music to the music of much of black Africa. Therefore it is not surprising that, within the various trends of contemporary music, the prevailing one is that of those composers that belong to the so-called neo-modal aesthetics.