MIRAN TSALIKIAN is a musician of Greek-Armenian origin. Born in 1986, he currently lives in Attica, Greece. He completed his studies in Musicology at the National Kapodistrian University and presented his works in collaboration with University Professors N. Malliara, G. Zervos, P. Kavouras, and L. Liavas. He holds a degree in Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue with Excellence and completed his Piano studies at Bachelor level. He studied bouzouki at the Municipal Conservatory of Nikaia and has performed with a bouzouki music band throughout Greece and other countries.

He studies Composition at the Municipal Conservatory of Glyfada and takes conducting lessons at the Municipal Conservatory of Helioupolis while teaching bouzouki at the Municipal Conservatory of Korydallos. He is also a musician in the Air Force Orchestra and is the founding member of the Musical Folk Form HAMAT.



Top 10

Crossing the Rice Terraces


“Crossing the Rice Terraces” was written in April of 2018 for the Banaue International Music Composition Competition. The work was inspired by the quality and the authenticity of the Banaue people. This musical composition, in Neo-tonal style which is based on folk tunes, includes elements from the culture, the habits, and the nature of life in Banaue.



The music also depicts my personal view as a foreign person who crosses the rice terraces for the first time. Walking through the magical landscape, different kinds of rhythms and melodies fulfill the beautiful image. 



Charming music “battles” take place intending to capture the interest of the listener. While Kallinga dance competes with Cordillera dance, new music “conversation-combinations” come together with a variety of traditional rhythms like Lumagen dance, Ifugao dance, etc. which are strewn all over the master music piece. 



Through music, the visitor of the rice terraces comes in touch with the culture of Banaue. Charmed by the beauty and simplicity that characterizes the place, a music triumph is taking place at the end of the music that implies Banaue’s predominance and greatness in the composer’s consciousness. 



Here are beautiful music rhythms and melodies coming together with a remarkable landscape and truly authentic people that everyone should be able to meet and experience.