CHRISTIAN JOSHUA PADRE ANSALE was born in April  1997 and is a resident of San Mateo, Rizal.


He is a 2018 graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree, major in Composition and Theory, under the tutelage of Dr. Maria Christine Muyco and Prof. Josefino Chino Toledo.


Prior to that, he studied in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the music organization, UP Composers of New Music (UP CONEMUS).



Top 10

"Tugtugin para sa mga Supling ng Pinagsapin-Saping Lupa"


The Rice Terraces and the Ifugao are well-established worlds: ones with long-standing agrarian and artistic cultures that I have had no prior experiences with, other than from textbooks. How do I create a piece that invokes its beauty and majesty without appropriating elements of its culture?
“Tugtugin para sa mga Supling ng Pinagsapin-Saping Lupa” or Music for the Offspring of the Stratified Earth aims to do just that, a symphonic poem written in post-Romantic style set around an experience I believe every person is acquainted with: the weather; specifically, in three forms: fog, storm, and sunlight. In this piece, I have framed them as symbols of the wonder’s creation, destruction, and ultimately, restoration, which the Banaue Restoration Project hopefully aspires for.
In which way this piece of music aurally portrays these notions, I leave to the cherished listeners. I dedicate this piece, not only to the people who dedicate themselves to the cause of restoring the natural beauty of the Rice Terraces, but also to the Ifugao, the very hands that carve its steps and colors its ground viridian with a bounty that not only feed mouths, but also hearts and minds.