MARIO ALFREDO OYANADEL GUIÑEZ is an emergent composer with a Bachelor’s degree in Composition from the University of Chile under the tutelage of composers Andres Maupoint, Edgardo Canton, Jorge Pepi. His orchestral piece for symphonic ensemble won First Prize in a University of Chile competition, Third Place for “Noche” in the “Carlos Riesco” Composition Contest and “Ecos y Resonancias” for orchestra was First Place in the Composition Contest “Luis

As a visual artist, he was the illustrator for books in the editorial “Mago Editores” and is currently developing works in the interdisciplinary arts. He is a member of the National Association of Composers of Chile and the art collective “Capibara”.



Top 20

The Harvest of the Rice


Inspired by the Banaue rice terraces, the music expresses the mysticism of the Ifugao culture that revolves around the rituals involved in the sowing and harvesting of rice. The ties between mysticism and the landscape in celebration and rituals are developed in the music.

In order to represent the structure of the terraces, music builds up in orchestral layers and levels that create various densities, parallel to the steps that make up the majestic rice terraces as a whole. Other sections rely on melodies, orchestral gestures, and festive rhythms representing the rites, beliefs and traditions of the indigenous people of Ifugao.