RAQUEL SANCHEZ MARTINEZ, composer and cellist, was born in 1994 in Liria, Valencia, Spain where she also started her musical studies. She graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Castellon and is a member of the Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Band of the Musical Union of Liria. She has also collaborated the G6 Band of the Valencian Community, Lyric Theater of Zaragoza Orchestra. She studied with Ferrer Ferran, Claudia Montero, Voro Garcia and attended Master Classes with Tristán Murail, Georg Friedrich Hass, Gregory Frietze and Hans Zimmer.

Her compositions have been premiered on several competitions, special occasions and venues by the women’s band of the FSMCV, and the symphonic band and orchestra of the “Union Musical de Liria” including collaboration with a film producer for short films. Currently, she is working on a new project with an art company as composer, instrumentalist and dancer. She has been accepted for a Master’s degree in Filmscoring at the Berklee Valencia School.



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Banaue Symphony


When I speak about this Symphony, it is about a land and the freedom of its people. From the imagination and personal experiences of each listener, the music will weave its own story.

Divided into two movements, this Symphony is like a pointillistic and colourful artwork, formed by the insertion of diverse motives strategically placed such that together with the modal harmony, it evokes a fantasy world. The woods create a sweet, magical and melodic background, as if it were the leitmotiv of nature in the rice terraces and small animals, such as birds or insects.

In turn the brasses and basses create tension and suggest a dark colour, being the leitmotiv of animals more wild and fierce or elements like fire or storms, destroying the paradise created. The diverse rhythms of the percussion call to mind the drums of tribes, while the piano and mallet instruments create a magical atmosphere with a characteristic hue.

Let our imagination fly as we create the story of Banaue.